Agricultural Liming Materials

Notice for Quicklime Samples: 1-6-17

For quicklime samples, please include an MSDS and check the appropriate box on our submission form. This makes our technicans aware of any additional safety hazards and may also improve the accuracy of your results.

Liming Materials Analysis Price Change

Our Liming Materials Analysis form is available for download and printing: PDF icon liming-materials-analysis-request-sheet-15-16.pdf


This test is offered to ag-lime producers and others who want to evaluate the quality of liming materials. There are three analyses performed on agricultural liming materials (ALM) to determine the Effective Neutralizing Power (ENP). These analyses are

  1. Purity or Total Neutralizing Power,
  2. Particle size, percent passing through 8, 20 and 60 mesh sieves, and
  3. Moisture content.


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